Chiccambada Shop is here to give you style and comfort with accessories

Chiccambada Shop is owned and operated by Chiccambada Lda. Chiccambada Lda is registered in Lisbon, with the tax ID PT515547808.

These are the core values of Chiccambada Lda:

  • Honesty – Chiccambada is true in what it offers.
  • Respect – Chiccambada respects itself and people around it.
  • Openness – Chiccambada is open to all people who cherish love and good emotions.
  • Intelligence – Chiccambada is intelligent in the way it presents itself to the world and like that in others.

We’d love to hear from you. Tell us what you think about your experience with our store! Write to [email protected].

Mobile: +351 910 54 71 89
Chiccambada Lda
Rua António Apolinário da Silva 30, 2 DTO
Amadora 2700-065

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